How do I refer my patient to MWV?

Please fax a referral to “MWV” via the Pooled Referrals system and your patient will see the next available physician in our clinic. Specific physicians may also be requested.

Our fax number is (306) 205-1155.

Do you do shared pre-natal care?

Yes, we are happy to provide shared care for your pre-natal patient! Please clearly specify on the referral form whether you would like to transfer care or if you would like to continue with shared care. This helps us better communicate with patients and set expectations for ongoing visits.

In a shared care model, we ideally like to see patients in the first trimester, following their 18-20 week anatomy scan, at 30-32 weeks and at 40-41 weeks if they are not yet delivered. Please give the patient a copy of her prenatal sheets starting at 28 weeks. Additional visits will be booked based on the clinical situation.

Do you provide care in other languages?

Yes. Dr. Ramadan speaks Arabic and Dr. Kristmanson speaks French.